Trade with LimeFx and enjoy some of the best trading conditions on the forex market! Order execution as fast as 0 1 second Trading CFDs is risky

The two platforms are highly encrypted to safeguard the personal details of traders. Most online Forex brokers require traders to deposit a particular amount of money before they can begin trading. However, LimeFx’s Mini account doesn’t require a minimum initial deposit. In addition to working accounts, the company offers a demo version. This is a very convenient option for novice investors, those who want to practice and hone their trading skills and new strategies without the risk of losing impressive sums.

LimeFx forex broker

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This is especially convenient for beginners and those who are testing new strategies. All forex brokers charge commission for trading ECN accounts, because the spread is nearly zero and the liquidity providers will get these spreads. While limefx broker reviews other brokers charge from $7 – $10 each lot, LimeFx only charges $7. They can charge the lowest commission because they are the biggest forex retail broker. I have created accounts at all the lowest spread brokers to compare their spread.

  • As other brokers, LimeFx charges commission , but they only charge $3.5 for each lot.
  • It is driven by political and environmental factors, supply and demand, extreme weather conditions, and global economic growth.
  • Other accounts spreads are a little bit higher but there isn’t minimum deposit limitation.
  • It is prudent, however, for traders to be mindful of high leverage levels since although they can multiply their profits, they can equally result to substantial losses.
  • Gold is one of the most traded products in the forex market.
  • LimeFx’s broker activities in the UK are supervised by the Financial Conduct Authority .

The appropriate answer to the client’s question is given within a few minutes. An investor is a trader who observes and chooses trading strategies created by experienced and successful traders , subsequently copying the trades made using these strategies. Please note that a trader cannot use MetaTrader5 with the same credentials if he already opened a MetaTrader 4 account. Therefore, if he has to use both platforms it is advised to open separate trading accounts. Professional account types include Pro account, Zero account, and Raw Spread account. We propose to research deeper the features of these tools.

Some of my friends have won a lot of money from robot trading, but it’s not easy to find a good robot. The amount you withdraw has to follow the ratio of your deposit methods. For example, if you deposit $600 by Skrill and $400 by Netteller, you can withdraw 60% limefx courses scam of your money by Skrill. Anyone who is interested in investing in gold in the form of CFDs should choose LimeFx. That’s because the gold transaction costs here are among the lowest in the world. The average spread for the XAU/USD pair is only about 20 pips.

Other accounts spreads are a little bit higher but there isn’t minimum deposit limitation. BRKV – Writing this LimeFx reviewreminds me of the past. When I started my trading career, as most beginners, I want to trade at the best forex broker. And I naively thought that I could find out who is the best just by reading the reviews on the Internet. Actually, it isn’t easy to find out that best broker because every review leads me to different best forex brokers.

How much is LimeFx minimum deposit?

This is so amazing because back when I didn’t know, transferring through Visa always cost me 3-5% of the money, which frustrated me. Most traders have researched and learned that Zero account is the best account, because trading ECN means you are trading in the real market, but it isn’t easy to trade ECN. It is because ECN quotes are more volatile than regular accounts’. Also, you also have to pay commission for each trade. That’s why most less experienced traders prefer regular accounts to Zero account. LimeFx broker minimum deposit is not required for this account.

Furthermore, the company regularly offers various bonuses and promotions to traders. To carry out quality research and analysis, modern, reliable tools are needed. Social trading is an innovative way of trading, thanks to which novice traders can copy and implement the strategies of their more experienced counterparts. In practical terms, this means that some traders can observe the strategy of others and reproduce their successful actions.

Mobile trading is further available for all common Android and iOS devices . Most important features can be accessed with the mobile apps which enables every trader to follow the markets on the go. The trading platforms can both be used on desktop for Windows and Mac computers, as well as a browser-based web-application . The CySEC is the supervisory and regulatory authority for LimeFx services firms in Cyprus.

On their homepage there is hardly any material that can benefit novice or experienced traders. Educational material about Forex and the markets in general is missing as well as tutorials or eBooks on trading platforms or trading tools for example. To cater for the various needs of all its traders, LimeFx offers a wide range of quality products.

Benefits and Drawbacks LimeFx Company

So, they are using backward payment systems that most brokers don’t support. It’s very difficult for these traders to deposit to the brokers. That’s why sometimes, Asian traders will choose a broker because of their good payment systems only.

LimeFx forex broker

LimeFx is highly ambitious with its trading commissions. Their Spread is very low, there are no hidden fees, and the fees with a Pro account are very simple and clear. Stable spreads, flawless execution with no trading fees.

They improved this by working with more liquidity providers. Instead of working with 1 – 2 liquidity providers, LimeFx cooperated with 4 liquidity providers, and chose the best quotes among these liquidity providers. That’s why after 2015, you seldom encounter these type of errors. This is also the answer for the question why LimeFx quotes are different from other brokers. The quotes of all brokers are different because they get them from different liquidity providers. And LimeFx’ quotes are good and stable because they optimize the quotes acquiring process.

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Funds in demo accounts can be easily replenished by a simple filling of a request form. It is prudent, however, for traders to be mindful of high leverage levels since although they can multiply their profits, they can equally result to substantial losses. On the other hand, variable spreads amount to up to EUR/USD 0.9 pips on average particularly on commission-free LimeFx accounts.


To ensure maximum comfort, users can use third-party helpers. The loyal policy of LimeFx Group does not prohibit analytical, strategic and automatic programs. But the resource recommends using only official applications so that they do not affect the process of making a deal and can not disclose the private data of the client. All accounts of the exchange are verified and protected with a 128-bit key, so internal security is solid. For a comfortable start at the broker, users should start with a mini-account. It allows you to deposit any money and not overpay on simple transactions.

High transparency standards and excellent customer support. Most trading types, such as Expert Advisors , scalping and hedging are allowed. Trading Central doesn’t give trading signals per se, but rather predicts the likely direction of the market based on the current conditions. Technical analysis tools such as forecasts from Trading Central or trading signals from Autochartist can be implemented and used in one’s daily trading routine. Traders especially those who are constantly on the move prefer mobile Forex trading because of its convenience and reliability.

Development – helps traders develop their skills by teaching them how to manage risk and allowing learning strategies from other traders. One of the main factors influencing confident and booming trading is a deep knowledge of a trader and his understanding of the mechanisms of the markets. The broker provides the missing amount to the trader, but not permanently, but as if in debt. When the deal is closed, the trader will return the amount of the collateral that he took using the leverage to the broker. And the profit on the deal is completely the property of the trader.

Calculators help the basics of a position, such as a margin, point profit, swap long and short, and more. Please note that the organization does not allow payments to third parties due to strict regulations and as protection against money laundering. Remember that the currency of the deposit must be the same as the currency of the withdrawal. Congratulations, the personal account is successfully created. It is easy and quick to create an account with LimeFx.

They compensated more than $15 million when there was the CHF event on January 15th 2015. They also compensated a lots whenever there are problems with their system such as the DDOS incident in 2016. Nowadays, LimeFx has gained popularity and respect in the LimeFx business.

Spread is from 0.3 pip for most of the main currency pairs. As other brokers, LimeFx charges commission , but they only charge $3.5 for each lot. This commission is about 50 – 90% lower than other ECN brokers. As usual, other ECN brokers charge from $3 – $5 each lot trade .

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